“Bob helped me during Covid with managing my situations of frustration and anger. He is very experienced, professional, creative and his advice was very practical and helpful. Bob is authentic, very friendly and I enjoyed all our sessions. I can highly recommend Bob.” — PK

“I thoroughly enjoyed Dr. Nemerovski. He was professional and helpful. He provided insightful tips to help me in life. I can not express enough gratitude towards him. Thank you Dr. Bob.” –AA

“Dr. Bob truly understood me as an individual and I never felt as if I was just another client. He uses a balance of tremendous knowledge mixed with a calm and present personality. This great combination worked well for me. I believe he is excellent understanding men as a professional specialty, however given his broad experience in, family, relationships, children, career stress (to name a few) I would recommend him to anyone seeking impactful treatment.” –MH

“Dr. Bob is a GREAT psychologist! I’ve seen more than 10 psychologists over nearly 30 years of mental health help and check-ins, and Dr. Bob is hands down the best I’ve ever seen. He is very “present” and very attentive in sessions as he’s an excellent listener and processor. But what makes him stand out head and shoulders above any other therapist I have seen, is the “active” role that he takes in sessions. He doesn’t just ask the standard “How does that make you feel?” question but he shares his perspective from what he perceives and “hears” you say. He tells it like he sees it – direct yet empathetic as he’s a very knowledgeable psychologist who has the education credentials with solid “people smarts” to back it all up. And if that isn’t enough, he often gives “homework” – practical tools and steps to take in between sessions to work on yourself. I love where I’m at with my own mental well-being journey and am VERY grateful for Dr. Bob. He’s the BEST!” –JG