Experiencing depression? Are you feeling hopeless and looking at your life negatively most of the time? Have you lost interest in most of your formerly pleasant activities? Are you isolating yourself and feeling alienated from loved ones and friends. Are you constantly fatigued and wanting to sleep all the time? Do you have thoughts about death?


These are some of the most common signs of depression, a very difficult-to-tolerate mood episode that many of us have experienced at one time or another. However, there is hope.

I help clients decrease their suffering from depression by working together on several fronts: identify and work through current and past experiences and issues that lead to the depression; examine and modify the “depressed thinking” that tends to maintain the overwhelming symptoms of depression; develop coping skills to reduce depressive reactions, build strength and self-confidence; and improve self-care, mindfulness, and life balance in one’s daily routines.

Some clients report benefitting from combining medication with psychotherapy. I am very experienced in helping such clients think about issues related to medication and collaborating with their physicians.


Getting Started:
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