Welcome. Whether you found my site on your own or someone you know suggested it, I am glad that you are here.

  • You may be having problems at work, with your primary relationship, or in your family.
  • Or maybe you feel disconnected and alone or full of rage and worried about making things worse.
  • Perhaps you are having trouble with excessive doubt and anxiety or you have been feeling so down for so long that you wonder if life can get better.
  • Maybe you are engaging in behaviors that you know are unhealthy or dangerous but are extremely difficult to stop.
  • It’s possible that you don’t think you have an issue or problem to address, but someone important to you does.

If any of these describe you, you are not alone.

As a man, you may be used to:

  • Solving your own problems
  • Not asking for help
  • Avoiding talking with others about things that cause you stress and upset
  • Believing that there is something “unmanly” about seeking and participating in counseling

Again, you are not alone.

There are numerous reasons that boys and men in our culture would choose to suffer in private silence than admit to another person that there is something they cannot fix on their own. In addition, it’s sometimes tough to go to your friends or family for support, or they are simply not helpful. And searching for solutions on the internet and in books has it’s limits (and can be confusing and frustrating, too). Now, you are still struggling and are thinking about seeking the help of someone like me: a men’s counselor.

In our culture, there are expectations for men not to be “weak” or “vulnerable” and to hide emotions or be “warriors.” However, it’s a myth that talking about your problems and how you feel about them will somehow, magically, make you less of a man. Not true.

Times are changing, and men need to learn critical skills like emotional intelligence, communication skills, stress management and relationship building. That’s where men’s counseling can help.

I create a space where guys can feel comfortable getting real and opening up. I provide support and feedback that you’re looking for, without handing you the answers. I’ll challenge you, and bolster you up at the same time. And I won’t sit there quietly staring at you for an hour, either. I will have an actual conversation with you, although I will make sure you have plenty of time to talk about you.

Skeptical? This counseling is different. This counseling is for you, your own growth, and to get you back to functioning at your peak and feeling better about your life. This counseling is designed for men, by a man. Give me a call, and tell me how you want your life to improve. I’ll tell you about my background and why I’m especially qualified to work with men. If we are a good fit, we’ll get to work.

Getting Started:
Contact me via Email or Telephone  (415-272-3282) for a free
telephone consultation to discuss your concerns.

Services are available in-person in Marin County and over secure video service within California.