Couples often come to counseling when they have difficulty talking with each other or resolving an issue. Some find that a familiar struggle or behavioral pattern “dynamic” comes up over and over again. Commonly, tensions and emotions can run high, and each person may feel some combination of distant, resentful, sad, hurt, worried, or angry.


Couples counseling is a special opportunity to understand these patterns and explore new communication, behaviors, and connection. I help facilitate a more productive conversation in a safe environment and offer exercises and other resources to practice from home.

I welcome and provide couples counseling to people of all ages, sexual orientations and cultural backgrounds. A couple might also include two siblings, business partners, or others in a non-intimate but crucial relationship.


Frequently, couples counseling can occur in a shorter timespan than individual therapy and counseling, and I am happy to accommodate busy schedules whenever possible.


Getting Started:
Contact me via Email or Telephone  (415-272-3282) for a free
telephone consultation to discuss your concerns.

Services are available in-person in Marin County and over secure video service within California.